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Project management and structure
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Welcome to Industrial Design, Development & Utility in Sweden AB! We shorten it to IDEDU!

idedu Is the focal point for innovative cutting-edge skills! when you dare to think differently and for the future!


For a long time we have had internal discussions about where we should be located to develop further and especially for our large assignment from AMCCT AB. Several places have been relevant. What is most likely at present is Örnsköldsvik but not definitively decided. There is access to competent employees and the industrial composition of the resort is positive.


Our management team has decided that we are currently investigating the opportunities in the resort. We will staff an office with 10 - 15 highly skilled designers. If you are interested you can read more about the people we are now looking for and what they should fulfill to be interesting.


We intend to start up the business when all conditions are in place. It now looks like we will start on March 1, 2020. We will also build a smaller workshop with assembly of components in the system. We will not have any production of our own at present, but it will be done lego. Only compositions will take place.



IDEDU AB will have several owners and one of them is AMCCT AB.

IDEDU will develop the entire concept, within the intermodal transport sector, which corresponds to what AMCCT has developed regarding the future of intermodal transport. But ports and handling within the ports are also affected by future developments. There are other interesting areas as well, and the express trains are one of them. The power plant industry is another. It is high ceilinged in the company and it is creativity that is crucial.


The mission for the development of AMCCT, "Future intermodal transport" is now with us! It is a big mission and therefore it also requires great personnel efforts, which we do not have at all available today. The time frame for the first step is short and set at 13 months. Then follows an even bigger implementation phase, which will be for 2 years. A 6 month test and verification phase has also been entered, immediately after the first 13 months, and it is done in collaboration with KTH.


We within the company have long experience and are easy to collaborate with and are very creative. We have for a long time been working towards more environmentally friendly solutions, which you can see from a glimpse of what we previously worked with within the company. We work towards sustainable overall concepts, had it as a goal long before everyone even started talking about sustainable scenarios. We are not just talking about it, we are doing it and we have been doing it for decades.


Now we will do what has been presented by AMCCT. We refer to their website www.amcct.se but we attach a lien film that gives an impression how perceptive the project really is. You can find more info on the AMCCT website. If you click on the image below you will get to the movie.




Creative Innovations!

We also want to give you the opportunity to take part in the thoughts and innovations that we work with and we believe in open action and dialogue instead of locking ourselves in our own chamber. AMCCT has compiled 3 innovations that describe how our mission looks and how it fits into the future. May be office version in some cases but we believe in the mission and ourselves! We have also decided to present only innovations that we are currently commissioned to perform. The more futuristic innovations we refer to AMCCT AB. You can click on the respective image below and you will go directly to the respective pdf file.


Image 2

Innovation 2

express train not only for passengers but also for goods. The whole country lives on!


How should the countryside take advantage of the fast infrastructure by express train? We include goods on the express trains.

Image 2

Innovation 3

future intermodal transport


One of the most important innovations and where we can create a completely CO2-free infrastructure. A comprehensive innovation affecting all the stages of intermodal transport. The document is alive so it will be further developed.

Image 2

Innovation 4

Future port solutions and handling in ports.


Here are some innovations in ports and port technology. Future managements and layouts for rational port management. The document is alive so it will be further developed.