Who owns IDEDU AB! (NOTE: page under construction)


Since IDEDU AB has not existed for so long, and has no own build-up of capital to fall back on, AMCCT AB today owns 91% of the shares in IDEDU AB. IDEDU AB can today be regarded as a wholly owned subsidiary of AMCCT AB. The remaining 9% will be owned by the staff working within the company and this means that the staff will be a significant and interesting partner to the company.


This construction has its explanation, then it is possible for the parent company AMCCT AB to transfer liquid funds freely to its own subsidiary. Ownership must be more than 90% for it to work. The financing of AMCCT AB comes from external financing and can then be passed on to IDEDU without any problems and complications through AMCCT AB.


This is only a temporary solution at the initial stage, which is why other external owners will come in behind the company. Companies that not only raise capital but also have expertise that the company IDEDU will benefit from for the future.